Central Peru

While the south of Peru is most known, the geographically central Peru rather leads a Sleeping Beauty sleep. But there is also a lot to discover here. Above all, of course, the capital Lima with its many activities.

El Callao – the port city near Lima

El Callao – the port city near Lima

Callao, or "El Callao" is a port city in the catchment area of the Peruvian capital Lima. Because of its proximity, but also because of the airport of Lima
Costa Verde Miraflores Lima Peru

Miraflores – the district of the beautiful and wealthy in Lima

Probably the most popular district of the Peruvian capital Lima, Miraflores, attracts with its fine dining opportunities, international hotels, colorful
Oxapampa – a little bit of Tyrol in the middle of Peru

Oxapampa – a little bit of Tyrol in the middle of Peru

Oxapampa, surrounded by lush mountain and rainforests, nestled in flourishing, fertile plains stands a small town that German and

San Isidro – Jardinero District of Lima and Financial Center

San Isidro is not only characterized by its green areas and exclusive residential areas. San Isidro is home to many of the best restaurants, hotels and concert halls in the city. Despite the construction boom, San Isidro has retained part of its past aristocracy.
Barranco District Lima Peru

Barranco – romance and a touch of nostalgia in Lima

Barranco is rightly considered the most beautiful and most romantic district of Lima. No wonder, because in the 19th century this was the "place of refuge" of the

Lima – the underrated capital of Peru

Lima - the city of kings - for most tourists starts their trip in Peru here. The capital Lima has much to offer, it is worth a few days here
Satipo - das Urwaldparadies in Zentralperu

Satipo – the jungle paradise in central Peru

Satipo ist eine Provinz in der Region Junín. Sie liegt im Dschungel, auf der dem Meer abgewandten Seite der Anden. Die Hauptstadt von Satipo ist die gleichnamige Stadt
Satipo – Journey to the most expensive coffee in the world

Satipo – Journey to the most expensive coffee in the world

Wer glaubt Kopi Luwak ist der teuerste Kaffee der Welt irrt sich. Der weltweit teuerste Kaffee kommt aus dem Amazonas in Satipo Zentral Peru.