Casa de la literatura peruana – Limas Literary and Cultural Center

Insight into the Peruvian literature: The Casa de la Literatura Peruana

  • Limas Literary and Cultural Center

    Casa de la literatura peruana – Limas Literary and Cultural Center
  • Casa de la literatura peruana - Centro Literario y Cultural de Lima

The house of Peruvian literature in Lima is located in an unusual place. The building, which since 2009 houses a library and a cultural center, is the former station building that dates back to a time when Lima was still involved in train services. The former Desamparados station, opened in 1912, is located between the main square and the river in the old town. In itself, the building with the neoclassical facade is worth seeing. Station buildings emanate a certain prestige in almost every culture, which is also evident in this building. Inside there are stately-looking staircases and pillar galleries. Particularly worth seeing are the ceiling structures made of steel and colored glass, through which the sunlight floods in and gives the reading rooms a pleasant atmosphere. In and around the renovated building are still old elements to see. The old station clock still adorns the main entrance, inside is an original ticket counter made of wood. Behind the building run the tracks, which are rarely used today for goods or passenger transports.

The library of Peruvian literature

In addition to the library, the Literaturhaus hosts an exhibition of Peruvian art and interesting facts about Peruvian writers. The most famous is undoubtedly the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. A collection of his books and documents is in the house. But other writers and writers in the country, as well as a department of children’s literature and literary theory, have their place. In addition, the cultural center is a meeting place for writers and academics and offers exhibitions and changing events on the theme of literature and art in Peru. An attraction is the map of the thirty languages ​​spoken in Peru. Especially popular with visitors is the outdoor reading area. The Casa de la Literatura Peruana is undoubtedly a place to feel good, whether it is a bookworm or not. It is recommended to curious people to add a book to their luggage before traveling to Peru, why not “Death in the Andes” by Mario Vargas Llosa?

Location and opening times

The location in the historic center of Lima makes the House of Peruvian Literature an easy destination within the framework of a tour of the city, which is not only worthwhile for books. Guided tours are available from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The entrance to the Literaturhaus is free.

House of Peruvian literature

Old Station Desamparados. Jr. Áncash 207, Historisches Zentrum von Lima
Telefon: 426 2573 Anhang 103 / 106.
Erbaut: 1912
Architect: Rafael Marquina
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