Beach tip Peru: Vichayito Beach – a paradise for kite surfers

In recent years, Peru has earned a very respectable reputation not only for cultural holidays but also for recreational ones. Small fishing villages along the coast have become popular destinations among tourists, because here you can book a dream vacation under palm trees without having to declare bankruptcy. Although prices have also increased here due to the growing popularity, but it is still cheaper than many holidays in the Caribbean.

Vichayito Beach is a quiet beach south of Mancora (possibly the most famous beach in the extreme north of Peru) and has become popular as an access point for kitesurfers. It can be said that the place is modern and fashionable, since in recent years, some accommodations, restaurants and new bungalows have been added to the beach that once slept. There is an informal and relaxed atmosphere, hectic is definitely a foreign word.
What can we do here?

Vichayito is a perfect place for kites and windsurfers. This is due to the strong winds that go from April to November and promise the maximum pleasure of navigation. Another advantage: this is not in the main season and who makes smart books, can save so much money.

On the beach you can rent the necessary equipment for water sports, as well as book a course or lessons directly.

If you prefer to be pampered, you can do it at Strand’s Wellness Spa with all kinds of offers, from the mud mask to the relaxing massage. And some small stores have refreshments as well as some memories and memories of this beautiful unique place.

And if you want a bit more action, especially at night, you can also drive to nearby Máncora, because it is only 7 km away. There are numerous bars and restaurants known for their excellent seafood. Especially the ceviches, fish cooked in lemon or lime juice, mussels or prawns, are legendary.

When is the best time to visit Vichayito Beach?

Of course, that depends a little on what you want to do. If you want to splash in the clear warm water, drink cocktails and take a nap in your hammock, then you are in the right place for the high season from mid-December to March. If you are looking for good waves to swing on the board, or while practicing kitesurfing in the air, you should establish your trip in the period from April to November. Then the wind conditions are perfect and also the waves make some neat walks.

Hotels at Vichayito Beach

Where can I stay?

In recent years, much has been done on the beach and can be found from the simple cabin to the comfortable room with terrace, plenty of accommodation. The Vichayito Bungalows & Carpas by Aranwa promises tropical sensation and greater comfort. The night costs, depending on the season, between 100, – and 150, – dollars.

Puerto Bamboo

Puerto Bamboo

Las Olas

Las Olas

Eco Lodge

Eco Lodge, Mancora, Peru

Posada del Mar Vichayito

Posada del Mar Vichayito, Mancora, Peru

How do you get there?

The two closest airports in the “neighborhood” are Tumbes (approximately 1 hour and a half by car) and Piura (around 2 to 3 hours by car). Both are served daily from the capital of Peru, Lima. If you want to take the opportunity, you can take the bus on the Panamericana. It will take up to 19 hours, but it will give you a unique view of the coastal region of Peru while driving.

Many of the hotels organize a shuttle service to pick them up from the airport, which can often be relatively expensive. Those who want to save, therefore, prefer to evade collective vans or buses, which usually go to Mancora. From there to Vichayito, you can take a taxi.

Vichayito Beach

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