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Los Organos Beach peace and relaxation in peru

Beach tip Peru: Los Organos Beach – peace and relaxation

Peru Los organos beachOn the Peruvian coast, especially in the north, on the border with Ecuador, there are innumerable small fishing villages that have been discovered by tourism in recent years. Especially in the surroundings of Máncora there are excellent beaches for a unique beach vacation in Peru. While the beaches of Mancora itself exude a touch of the Koh Samui feeling, you will find seclusion and relaxation in the vicinity.

Like Los Órganos beach, which is about 15 minutes by car to the outskirts of Mancoras. It has not yet been discovered by the masses, so you can, with a bit of luck, continue to be a true “solitary island” experience.

What can we do here?

First of all, of course: swimming, sunbathing, relaxing on the beach. But if that’s boring after a few days, you can also try surfing or kiteboarding. This is best done at Punta Veleros beach. There are also some interesting diving sites nearby, the necessary equipment and the guided boat can be booked directly on the beach.

A good view of the life of the inhabitants can be found in a visit to the “Mercado”, the local market. Here you will find some typical delicacies from the north of Peru, as well as traditional clothes and, of course, some souvenirs.

Los Organos has many small restaurants that serve typical dishes of the region. If you’re here, you should definitely try a ceviche. This dish is made of fresh fish or shrimp that are cut into small pieces and “cooked” in lemon or lime juice. You can have a cold beer or pisco and watch the fishermen at the pier catching the catch of the day.

When is the best time to visit?

Apart from the rather short rainy season from March to April, Los Organos is always beautiful. Even at high temperatures above 30 ° C, there is always a light breeze and makes the heat bearable. The main season is from mid-December to March. One advantage of the relative ignorance of Los Órganos is that prices are still slightly cheaper here than in some neighboring cities.

With the accommodation you have almost free choice: from comfortable bungalows to a single room for less than 10, – € per night, there is a place to stay for all budgets. Particularly popular are the Muelle Viejo bungalows, managed by a local family and offering swimming pool and Internet, all on the beach, of course. For example, the night will be around 55, – € in February.

How do you get there?

If you want to travel from the Peruvian capital, Lima, to Los Órganos, you have two options: either take one of the buses, which in 16 to 20 hours the Panamericana zockeln north, or fly directly from Lima to Tumbes (about 1, 5 hours away from Los Organos) or Piura (2-3 hours by car). Some hotels offer a shuttle service, otherwise you must take a taxi (approximately $ 50) or go by bus from the EPPO company, the only ones that go to Los Órganos ($ 5).

In Los Organos there is no public transport in this sense. If you want to go to the beach or to the city, you use “Mototaxis”, motorcycles that have been rebuilt so that three passengers can stay in the back. But you also have the opportunity to rent a car, motorcycles or even bicycles in the city.


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