Beach tip Peru: Las Pocitas – Sun, Sea and Relaxation

  • Las Pocitas

    Beach tip Peru: Las Pocitas – Sun, Sea and Relaxation
  • Beach tip Peru: Las Pocitas – Sun, Sea and Relaxation

If one thinks of Peru, one comes first of all to the impressive remnants of the mighty Inca, the temples and ruins, the fascinating Andes or the wild Amazonas. What is not known (yet!) Are the numerous small fishing villages along the coasts, which offer not only perfect waves for surfing, but a Caribbean dream vacation!

One of the most famous beach resorts is Mancora high in Norden Perus just before the border with Ecuador.Especially among South Americans, Mancora has become “Koh Samui Peru” and has become a popular holiday destination.If you want a bit more peace, just walk a little further: to Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas belongs to Mancora purely theoretically, but is more remote, quieter, more relaxed.Perfect for a family vacation or first steps in the world of surfing.

What can we do here?


Las Pocitas is especially popular with families with small children. This is not only because the noisy parties usually take place a beach further in Mancora  but at the small seawater pools that form with the tide on the beach. These small pools are ideal for the little ones to play, because the pools are very shallow and also protected from waves.

But also surfers come here at their expense, because the sheltered location of the bay, even beginners can try out on the board. And at astonishingly low prices, with the board rental Victor’s just a stone’s throw away in Mancora, you can borrow a board for only $ 4 an hour. And those who need it, can also book the appropriate lessons directly. The waves are not too high, so even inexperienced surfers can find an easy start.

Otherwise, of course, you can unwind, enjoy the warm, clear water and enjoy cold cocktails and fresh seafood in one of the many small restaurants.

When is the best time to visit?

The climatic conditions are actually optimal around the year, only in March and April there are frequent rainfalls. High season is from mid-December to March and undoubtedly the New Year’s Eve evening is the absolute highlight. While in Mancora then the huge party guns are driven up, you can be spoiled in Las Pocitas with a dine-dinner and watering midnight with a chic fireworks on the beach.

The prices for hotels are in the high season at about 100, – to 150, – € the night. Considered one of the most popular hotels in the area, Hotel Las Pocitas, nestled directly on the beach, promises pure relaxation.

How do you get there?

Mancora and Las Pocitas are located about 1,160 kilometers from the capital, Peru’s Lima. There are daily flights to Tumbes (about an hour and a half by car from Las Pocitas) and to Piura (about 2-3 hours by car). Many hotels offer shuttle services from the airport to the resort, but they cost around $ 100 each way. If you want it cheaper and arrive early enough, you can take a group van or the bus and save a lot of money.

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