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Strandtipp Peru: Huanchaco

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After the capital, Lima Trujillo is probably the most important city in Peru. With numerous historical sites such as the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun or Chan Chan in the vicinity, the city attracts more tourists year after year. And if you want to relax after all the culture, which leads to only 13 kilometers from Huanchaco.

The coastal town of Huanchaco has become a lively tourist magnet and is now one of the best holiday sports on the coast of Peru. Whether it’s water sports, parties or dreams under palm trees, Huanchaco is “the place to be”

What can you do in Huanchaco?

In Huanchaco, the question is more: what can not be done? Many vacationers come here to try on a surfboard for the first time. There are some surf schools along the water where you can learn to surf or kite surf. The waves are not too high (but not too low), so Huanchaco is considered an optimal place for beginners and advanced surfers.

Even amateur photographers get their money in Huanchaco, because there are about a million opportunities to take out the camera. Particularly popular: the Cartoons of Tortora, the small boats of the sea, in which members of the Moche culture sailed along the coast 2000 years ago to fish. They look, and are called, like little horses. By the way, you can not only take pictures of the boats, but for a few dollars you can also take a short tour of the bay with them.

Strolling through the Market, the local market, offers information about the colorful life of the locals, as well as a visit to “El Muelle”, the pier more than 100 meters long and more than 100 years old.

And, of course, you can drive to Trujillo at any time and from there take a tour of the famous ruins of the area.

When is the best time to visit?

The high season, and therefore the best weather, is from mid-December to March. With temperatures around 30 ° Celsius and little rain, the beaches are very visited by Peruvian tourists.

For tourists who come to Huanchaco to surf, it is worth visiting between June and September. You can not expect sun and warm temperatures, but the waves are higher and with a neoprene suit you are the king or queen of the waves.

There are many places to stay from the luxurious property to the basic room. One of them is Hospedaje Restaurant Oceano. For 15 to 25 euros per night, it has a price almost unbeatable, is a few steps from the beach and offers both internet service and room.

Travel to Huanchaco

To get to Huanchaco, as long as Trumpillo has not rented a car and driven yourself. And to get there, you can take the bus from the capital Lima of 560 kilometers (approximately 8 hours / approximately $ 20) or take the plane (1 hour / $ 80). From Trujillo you can travel to Huanchaco by bus, motorcycle taxi or group vans; Some hotels also offer a shuttle service from the bus terminal or the airport.

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