Attractions Museum: Casa de la Gastronomía Peruana

The cuisines of this world are diverse, and depending on who you ask, you will hear that your own national cuisine is the best in the world. You can also read it by the way, and then it says: Chinese, Thai, Turkish … Peruvian cuisine can be added to this list without hesitation. In fact, the country has won the World Travel Award five times in a row as a destination with the best cuisine. This is celebrated among others in the House of Peruvian gastronomy, the House of Peruvian Gastronomy, in Lima. The institution is located in the old building of the post office in the historic center of Lima. A visit there, provides everything that is worth knowing about the country’s extradition, which they belong, as well as places of cultural interest in Peru.

Museum and restaurant at the same time

The House of Peruvian Gastronomy has proposed the task of presenting the history and meaning of the typical foods of Peru in its entirety. The exhibition in the museum actually shows all kinds of aspects of the Peruvian food culture. There are, for example, sculptures of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures, which represent the food and drink of their time, including photos of corn cobs and fish.

In ancient cultures, food was often placed in the deceased’s tomb as an accessory. They are also used to cook containers that are under the displays. In addition, it shows how it was cooked in stone ovens or clay pots. The influence of foods imported from Europe is not too short. Because with the conquest of Peru by the Spaniards, the culinary possibilities with foreign ingredients expanded rapidly. Today, it is said, is the favorite dish of Peruvian roast chicken.

In the form of life-size scenes, visitors know the culinary traditions of the various eras and regions. A special exhibition is the replica of a painting of the Last Supper. Here it becomes particularly clear how Peruvian cuisine found its way into depicting Christian scenes: instead of a sacrificial lamb, guinea pigs can be found on the table.

The Peruvian cuisine

Above all, Peruvian cuisine is very varied because different eating habits could develop in different geographical and climatic zones. In the coastal region, the Ceviche fish dish reached its perfection, while in the Andes alpaca meat and guinea pigs, and in the rainforest regions, especially on the menu, bananas and beans were cooked.

Did you know that there are more than 3000 varieties of potatoes in Peru? The tuber comes in a variety of colors, from yellow to red to violet, and is next to rice, the most popular accompaniment. Peru’s typical drinks include Chicha, a corn-based beer drank by the Incas. In the House of Peruvian Gastronomy you can not only look at all these delicacies but also savor them.

Casa de la Gastronomía Peruana

Jr. Conde de Superunda 170, Cercado de Lima – Open: Tue. – Sun. 09:00 -17:00 – For More Information

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