Attractions Excursion destination: the island El Frontón near Callao

If you travel to Lima, you will find a colorful landscape. The city is bordered by hills and green coastlines, and to the west is Callao and the sea. The destinations and activities in and around Lima are therefore very diverse. Off the coast of Callao are several smaller and larger islands. One of them, with a length of almost one kilometer, is El Frontón. It is worthwhile taking a trip by boat from Callao between the islands and taking a closer look at the former prison island of El Frontón. The island is not only an interesting destination, it also has its place in the history of Peru. Thus, for you the visit will not only be a journey through the many cultures of the country, but also an excursion into the piracy during the colonization up to the guerrilla wars.

The grim story of El Frontón

The island served as a quarantine station for ships as well as a prison for pirates and later common criminals. So El Frontón is not an isolated case, because islands have always been used as remote and only floating and at great risk to leave places for these purposes. On El Frontón there is no fresh water, so the island was always uninhabited except for the prisoners and their guards. In addition to the dangerous criminals and political prisoners on El Frontón was an illustrious person twice as a guest: the former Peruvian President Fernando Ballaúde Terry. The prison was infamous for the harsh punishment and torture methods used against the prisoners. In 1986, a rebellion of the prisoners took place before the prison was abandoned. Today, various bird species have found an undisturbed habitat on the island.

The charm of El Frontón

Steep rocks, where the waves break, rise seven kilometers from Callao from the sea. The barren rock is pierced at various points, through the resulting passages water is visible. When the sky is overcast, the island appears particularly inhospitable, but fascinating in its ruggedness. In sunshine, the brown sandy rock formations seem impressive. The bad part of the history of El Frontón is now complete and visitors can walk among the partially ruined walls and visit the localities and get told by guides the interesting details of the island’s history.

El Frontón at Callao

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