A round trip through Peru

A round trip through Peru

Peru is a destination that always seems a little mysterious and almost enchanted. On a round trip you can make numerous different stops and get to know the many facets of the country. It seems as if you are immersed in another world, where the Incas left their mark a very long time ago. One thing is certain: no matter which stops you choose, a round trip through Peru will be an adventure. Due to their special living conditions, the three landscape zones – coast, highlands and rainforest – harbor a biological diversity that is not only worth seeing, but also unique. To protect this distinctive and diverse ecosystem, Peru has 158 protected areas, which represents about 17% of the country’s surface.

Away from the classic destinations

A round trip through Peru attracts many people to the country and many visitors want to see mainly the classic stops. This is also quite recommendable. Machu Picchu should actually not be missing on any trip. How about picking some of the destinations that are located in the north of the island? Here are some tips:


The Andes rise proudly in the background, the mountains are covered with a white layer, the view is breathtaking – if you want to see the real nature, this is the place to be. Huaraz is located at 3,100 meters, which makes it an ideal starting point so you can plan hikes in the Andes. Here in this region you can also find the Huascaran. The mountain has an altitude of 6,768 m and is the highest mountain in Peru. From Huaraz you can plan different hikes. Many of the tours are designed for several days and lead deep into the untouched nature.

Tip: Plan also a short trip to the market of Huaraz. At the market you will find numerous delicacies that are typical for Peru. Coca leaves should not be missing on any hike.


Machu Picchu is impressive, but it’s not the only destination that will leave you in awe. You might want to plan a stop in Kuelap. This ruined city is located in northern Peru and is even older than Machu Picchu. It is important to know that Kuelap is located a bit higher still. It is located at 2,900 meters. Kuelap was built by the Chachapoyas and later the Incas conquered the city. The construction can be dated back to 700 AD.

But why is Kuelap so impressive? Among other things, it has to do with the fact that this place has not yet been fully developed for tourism. Restorations on the buildings have not been done yet. When you get the view of Kuelap after the hike and climb, you may feel like an archaeologist who has just made a great find

Gocta Waterfall

A hike to the waterfall is almost a “must” when planning a round trip. Although not necessarily an insider tip, but still a very beautiful destination, is the Gocta Waterfall. As one of the largest waterfalls that exist in the world, it looks impressive. Two levels can be found at the waterfall and well equipped with hiking boots you can also visit both levels. Temperatures in Peru are usually warm and it is sunny. However, as soon as you approach the waterfall, it can get cool and also damp. Therefore, equip yourself properly.


Are you planning to make a trip to the Amazon during your trip? That is understandable, because the nature is impressive. The sounds alone will make you feel an inner calm. You can breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. A very good starting point for the tour in the Amazon is Iquitos. Surrounded by jungle, the city seems particularly mysterious. Feel like Indiana Jones when you make your way through the jungle to Iquitos and start from here for a trip to the Amazon.

Many people who have been to Iquitos report a very special way of life. People here build colorful houses and enjoy life. The tropical temperatures make for a sultry air as you walk through the streets. The honking of motorcycles always startles you. Here in Iquitos you will experience the real Peru.

The flight over Nazca

If you want to see Peru not only from the land, but also from the air, then we recommend the flight over Nazca. Make sure that you book in time to be able to take off at the desired time. But why exactly is a flight over Nazca worthwhile? Here hide impressive lines, which are already very old. How old exactly, is not known at all. It is assumed that the lines were put into the ground about 2000 years ago.

People and animals as well as various objects can be seen from the lines. However, if you are standing directly in Nazca, you will not see the lines. For that you need to fly over the area. Don’t quite dare take to the skies? Climb an observation tower. However, the lines look much more impressive from an airplane.

Excursion to Lake Titicaca

3,800 m – this is the altitude at which Lake Titicaca is located. But not only the height is impressive, but also the size. It is not for nothing that this is one of the largest lakes you can visit in South America. As a stop when planning a round trip through Peru, this particular sight is actually always a recommendation. Especially if you walk in the footsteps of the Incas, you can not actually avoid the visit. So it is said that Inti, the sun god of the Incas, landed on Isla del Sol at that time.

It is important to know that Lake Titicaca has become a highly tourist destination. You will find very good connections by plane or train and also accommodations right on the lake. If you expect tranquility, however, you are wrong here

Las Pocitas

During your trip to Peru, you not only want to walk in the footsteps of the past, but also enjoy the warmth and the sun, and maybe even make your first attempts on a surfboard? There are numerous beaches in Peru where this is possible. Among the recommendations for a stop at a beach is Las Pocitas. The beach is located near Mancora, but it is quite different from the well-known resort. Here you will still find quiet stretches of beach and gentle waves, on which the first attempts at surfing should succeed.

Reserva Nacional de Paracas

The fauna and flora of Peru is as exotic as the country itself. Here, a stop at the Reserva Nacional de Paracas and the Islas Ballestas is worthwhile. The dolphins rise from the sea and do their daily jumping exercises, the Peru booby sings his song and the fur seals clap their fins – at every corner here you have the chance to take dreamlike pictures or just let the scene take effect on you. To view all this, it is recommended to book a tour by boat in time. Even from a distance you can see the red beach of Islas Ballestas and with luck your boat will be accompanied by the dolphins.