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PeruWe start our Peru-Special series with the cult places of Peru. We will lead you to the Machu Picchu, from the discovery, to the official explorer Hiram Bingham, to the Inca Trail and the fantastic architecture of the Incas. We will give you travel tips and background information about Machu Picchu so that you can perfectly prepare your trip to Machu Picchu. For those who can’t wait to visit our beautiful country, we have created a virtual trip to Machu Picchu.

With just 30 million inhabitants and an area about 3.5 times the size of Germany, Peru impresses with fascinating landscapes and untouched nature. Peru impresses with its Andes, rainforests and the Amazon, the longest river in the world.

Peru offers adventure, a centuries-old culture and history and above all, a hospitality that stands out from the crowd. Peruvians are not only very hospitable and service-oriented people, it is also easy to get in touch with them.

The country, which measures 3500 km from north to south and 1000 km from west to east at the widest point, is crossed by several climate zones, which are oriented to the different altitudes of the country.

Peru is a land of contrasts, while the capital Lima is the second largest desert city in the world, Iquitos surrounds the city in the jungle, exotic landscapes in the Amazon region.

The North of Peru

Northern Peru is packed with unique treasures of cultural, archaeological and natural origin.


Chan Chan, the clay capital of Chimú

Chan Chan, the clay capital of Chimú

Chan Chan. Anyone visiting Peru and traveling along the Pacific coast should definitely plan a visit to Chan Chan, located about five kilometers west of the city of Trujillo

Peru’s beaches in the north

Of course, a 3500 km long coast also has a variety of different and beautiful beaches to offer. Unfortunately Peru does not have a beach holiday like on the beaches of Thailand to offer. Nevertheless the visit is worthwhile.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu the Lost City

In the middle of the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of 2360 meters, there is the legendary city of Machu Picchu which became famous through Hiram Bingham. A miracle of architectural achievement. The sight of Machu Picchu is overwhelming and impressive.


The South of Peru

Southern Peru is home to some of the country’s most important historical and scenic attractions. The south offers tourists adventure, culture and relaxation.

Perus Süden

Lake Titicaca - Fascinating landscape

Lake Titicaca

A beautiful landscape and a wealth of species have made Lake Titicaca a popular tourist destination. The world's largest inland lake now before the?

Tours and Activities

Touren und Ausflüge in PeruDiscover Peru! If you want to travel to Peru and experience and discover as much as possible, use the services of the local travel service providers who offer tours and excursions for Peru.

Explore Lima

Parque Kennedy MirafloresLima holds a lot. Explore the city on your own or with the help of a local guide. Discover the sights, historic old town, churches, museums and parks.

News & Events

Peru News

Discover with us the third largest country in South America. The country has much more to offer than the typical tourist highlites.